Rapid RVM-PROJM1 Universal Projector Mount

Rapid RVM-PROJM1 Universal Projector Mount

Chief VCTUB XL Universal Tool-Free Projector Mount (Black)


Key Features

  • Low Profile
    • The new VCT is 30% slimmer than the VCM mount
  • Lightweight
    • The new VCT is 25% lighter than the VCM mount
  • Sleek Aesthetic
    • Matching knobs & hardware
    • Available in black and white finish options
  • Tool-free MicroZone+ Pitch Adjustment
    • The fine tune pitch adjustment has a 100:1 gear ratio for precise image alignment
    • Can be hand adjusted using the tool-free knob or driven with a 1/2” (13mm) socket
    • PrecisionSet™ technology to lock in pitch adjustments
  • Tool-free MicroZone™ Roll & Yaw Adjustments
    • Gear driven tool-free knob adjustments
    • Lockout nuts enable additional image lock security
  • New Universal Interface
    • Universal plate is sized to accommodate most patterns within footprint
    • Short attachment legs reduce clutter for smaller projector installation patterns
    • Long attachment legs extend reach for larger projector installation patterns
    • Custom interfaces also available


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