Behringer WING 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console Touchscreen

Behringer WING 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console Touchscreen

Avolites 30-01-3040-PT Arena Console Tour Package

Avolites 30-01-3040-PT Arena Console Tour Package

Soundcraft Si Impact 40-input Digital Console & 32-in/32-out USB & iPad Control


The Soundcraft Si Expression 3 32-channel Digital Mixer leverages cutting-edge DSP, component technology, and manufacturing techniques to deliver awesome mixing power in a compact, amazingly affordable package. The Si Expression 3 gives you 32 recallable mic preamps, four line inputs, four internal stereo FX returns, AES in, and a 64x64 expansion slot that lets you deploy up to 66 input processing channels - each sporting a highpass filter, input delay, gate, compressor, and four-band EQ. Robust automation and connectivity are the icing on the cake. Take your mixing to the next level, with Soundcraft's Si Expression 3.

Soundcraft Si Expression 3 32-channel Digital Mixer at a Glance

  • Amazing flexibility
  • Onboard Lexicon FX processors
  • Say goodbye to digital mixer confusion
  • It's a Soundcraft
  • Amazing flexibility

If you think the Soundcraft Si Expression 3's input side is impressive, know that all Si Expression boards also sport versatile bussing, output processing, and connectivity. You can configure the 14 aux/group mixes as 14 mono mixes, eight mono plus six stereo mixes - or just about anything in between. The four matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as required. You also get four more mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors - all in addition to the left, right and center busses. Each bus mix features always-available compression, 4-band EQ, BSS graphic EQ, and delay. Comprehensive output connectivity includes 16 balanced line outs, a headphone out, AES out, and the 64x64 option slot.

Onboard Lexicon FX processors
Soundcraft Si Expression consoles incorporate four stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the acclaimed MX400. With fully adjustable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo keys, you can tweak to your heart's content. These FX are hardware-based, so even if you're using a ton of them it doesn't affect your other processing in the slightest - all your dynamics, EQ, filters, delays, and GEQs will be always available, no questions asked.

Say goodbye to digital mixer confusion
Soundcraft's Si Expression mixers feature a 1 Control = 1 Function interface, with each control dedicated to a single function. No confusing control layering or endless menu purgatory navigation. This approach allows the Si Expression controls to be labelled on the surface just as they would be on an analog desk. Ah, productivity - how refreshing!

It's a Soundcraft
As befitting any Soundcraft digital mixer, Si Expression boards give you extensive facilities and legendary audio quality, courtesy of the cutting-edge EMMA DSP processor - the same DSP platform that has helped rocket previous Soundcraft Si series consoles to stardom. With prodigious processing power, bulletproof reliability, impressive flexibility, amazing ease of use, and a surprisingly friendly price tag, Si Expression mixers are an outstanding value. Exactly what you'd expect from Soundcraft.

Soundcraft Si Expression 3 32-channel Digital Mixer Features:

  • 32 mono mic inputs; four line inputs; AES in and out
  • Color touchscreen interface
  • Up to 66 input processing channels
  • Pre/Post selection per input, per bus
  • Global mode encoders; GEQ on every bus
  • Motorized 100mm faders with FaderGlow (illuminates fader slots according to function)
  • LR and C Mix busses; 4 FX busses; 8 Matrix busses; 20 sub-group / aux busses
  • Four Stereo Lexicon effects engines
  • Delay on inputs and outputs; freely assignable insert loops
  • Comprehensive automation with four mute groups
  • Harman HiQnet integration; 64x64 channel option card slot
  • Option cards include AES, Firewire/USB/ADAT, AVIOM, CobraNet, BSS BLU Link, Dante, optical MADI

Soundcraft Si Expression 3 32-channel Digital Mixer Specifications:

  • Type: Digital
  • Channels: 32
  • Inputs - Mic Preamps: 32 x XLR
  • Inputs - Line: 4 x TRS
  • Inputs - Digital: 1 x Stereo AES/EBU (XLR)
  • Outputs - Main: 2 x XLR
  • Outputs - Direct: 16 x XLR
  • Outputs - Digital: 1 x Stereo AES/EBU (XLR)
  • Data I/O: Harman HiQnet
  • I/O Expansion Slots: Yes
  • EQ Bands: 4-band
  • Aux Sends: 20 x Aux Sends
  • Busses/Groups: 4 x Bus
  • Faders: 32 x 100mm
  • Computer Connectivity: Via Optional Firewire/USB/ADAT Card
  • Rackmountable: Yes
  • Height: 6.7”
  • Depth: 20.5"
  • Width: 36.5"
  • Weight: 46.2 lbs.
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