Gator G-TOUR-88V2SL Slim 88 key Case with Wheels

Gator G-TOUR-88V2SL Slim 88 key Case with Wheels

Gravity GMS4222B Short Mic Stand with Folding Tripoid Base and 2 Point Adjustmen

Gravity GMS4222B Short Mic Stand with Folding Tripoid Base and 2 Point Adjustmen

Gravity GFMSEAT1BR Stool w/ Foot and Backrest


FM SEAT1 BRHeight Adjustable Stool with Foot and Backrest

Ergonomically shaped seat with adjustable height and tilt angle
Backrest adjustable in height and depth
Footrest with continuously variable height adjustment
Solid steel construction
Folds down conveniently
Vari-Foot® technology for leveling uneven floors
Seat made of leatherette
Backrest GFMBR1 included

Long rehearsals or gigs usually mean hours of standing for musicians - whether on the microphone, guitar or other instruments. A flexible, comfortable standing aid ensures increased comfort, preventing early fatigue and relieving back strain.

The standing aid FM SEAT 1 BR by Gravity is suitable for universal use on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home while practising; for guitarists, bass players, pianists, string players, wind players and singers. It boasts several of Gravity's special hallmark features.

Let's take a look at the seat first: It has an attractive leatherette covering and can be tilted forwards or backwards at continuously variable angles.

Let's move onto the adjustment options offered by this standing aid: The frame is made of solid steel and with a generous height adjustment range of 67 cm to 97 cm, a comfortable seating position can be achieved for any body height. Even more comfort is provided by the FM BR 1 backrest. It is also covered in pleasant leatherette and can be flexibly adjusted in height and distance to the seat, allowing you to find your perfect sitting posture.

The continuously height-adjustable footrest additionally reliefs the back while also allowing one or both legs to be rested. Another extremely practical aspect is the integrated levelling foot. The tubular base construction is fitted with our KS Vari-Foot® 1. This ensures a stable and secure footing even on uneven surfaces by means of a simple screw mechanism.

The FM SEAT 1 BR is quick to assemble by means of a folding mechanism and can be folded flat for transport - so it fits into any narrow gap when loading.

In short, our FM SEAT 1 BR is the ideal standing aid for a wide range of applications!
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