JBL P3240MX – SRX900LA Pull Back accessory, Compatible With All SRX900 LA models

JBL P3240MX – SRX900LA Pull Back accessory, Compatible With All SRX900 LA models

JBL AC2215/00 15

JBL AC2215/00 15" Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 100° x 100° Coverage - Black

HK Audio L5115FA Linear 5 15-Inch Powered Speaker


Professional wooden cabinets, high-quality components and innovative technologies make the LINEAR 5 from HK Audio the loudest speaker family in its class. The wide-range of short and long-throw solutions, active and passive models and customised controller power amps provides professional bands and sound technicians with an exceptionally high-quality, flexible and economical solution for everyday use – all made in Germany.

The ultimate live performance system

When it comes to delivering truly powerful performances, the LINEAR 5 series components prove to be absolute powerhouses. Designed to handle daily use masterfully, they are the most powerful speaker series in their class, both in the passive and active versions. The robust LINEAR 5 system family, designed in traditional wooden construction, guarantees long-lasting use, making it the tour companion of choice for professional bandsDJs and rental services. It frees up space in the truck and, even more importantly, in the budget. The LINEAR 5’s perfectly matched mid-range driver/tweeter and three fundamentally different subwoofers make it the perfect bespoke solution for events with up to 3,000 people and more.

Excellent long and short throw performance

Whether for powerful, high-volume music transmission, high-fidelity speech reproduction or background sound – the finely tuned LINEAR 5 set configurations live up to the high demands that a durable, high-quality PA system has to meet. HK Audio’s specially developed Multicell Transformer (MCT) technology in the long-throw version manages to achieve what is normally only possible with larger horns or line arrays: distortion-free transmission at a high effective level. A real all-rounder, LINEAR 5 also boasts simple and intuitive handling.

As a stand-alone speaker with a maximum power handling capacity of 2,400 watts peak, the 15"/1" full-range mid/high unit is the loudest reference in its class. Like the LINEAR 5 112 F, it is equipped with an asymmetrical horn for optimum dispersion, allowing it to provide a wide dispersion at the front while directing the sound more focussed in the back for a greater range. Application: Mid/high unit, standalone system, DJ monitoring

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