IT Cueserver SM-DMX-X5M Smart Module

IT Cueserver SM-DMX-X5M Smart Module

Atlona AT-OMNI-112 Dual Channel OmniStream AVoIP Encoder

Atlona AT-OMNI-112 Dual Channel OmniStream AVoIP Encoder

IT Cueserver SM-DMX-X5F Module


DMX Smart Modules


Use SM-DMX modules to add bi-directional Isolated DMX-512 ports. Seven different module varieties are available in different combinations of 5-Pin XLR, 3-Pin XLR, RJ45, Terminal Block, etc. Each module is software definable as either a DMX Input or DMX Output.

Additionally, SM-DMX modules also support alternate protocols including Station Bus and RS-485 serial. In Station Bus mode, these modules allow for direct connection of 5-Wire CueStation button stations (such as Mystique or Ultra stations). In RS-485 mode, the module can be used to communicate via RS-485 serial protocols.

The SM-DMX modules are fully isolated and protected to help prevent failures caused by ground loops, voltage mismatches, power surges or electrostatic events. Also, an LED indicator on the module provides at- a-glance operational status

Key Features

  • Full galvanic isolation of the port for best immunity to ground loops and voltage mismatches
  • High ESD protection
  • Software configurable as a DMX input or output
  • Additional Station Bus and RS-485 protocols supported
  • Built-in status indicator LED


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